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We are a London based consultancy, specialising in helping parents navigate 7+, 8+, 10+, 11+ and 13+ applications to independent day and boarding schools in London and surrounds. We have worked with over 300 families on their Future Schools solutions. We have an extensive network of Heads and Heads of Admissions who we work closely with to ensure best fit and excellent outcomes for our clients. Our in-depth knowledge of both the process and of schools, enables us to be a crucial source of information for our clients, equipping them with the know-how and thereby empowering them to make excellent decisions regarding their children’s education.

Jamie and Abi have worked together for four years. They bring specific and niche knowledge to the table. They pride themselves on being professional, approachable and passionate about supporting and guiding families through a complex and sometimes overwhelming few months. They have worked in schools, and with schools, and will provide you and your family with the objectivity needed to approach the London Day and Boarding school applications’ process.

Abi has worked as Assistant Head Future Schools for a large Prep school located in Fulham for the last four years. Prior to that she was Head of Year 5 and the Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead at a Prep school in North London.  She has taught English for twelve years. She currently serves as a governor on the board for West London Free School Primary, Kensington Academy and Earls Court Free School. Abi has worked closely with an extensive network of Senior School Heads and Admissions Departments. She has an intricate knowledge of the 11+/13+ process and is passionate about helping families through what can be a stressful and overwhelming few months.

“Although this is a complex and often brutal process, it can be approached methodically and sensibly to ensure good outcomes for parents and their children. I am passionate about helping families by sharing my knowledge of the system and empowering them to make smart decisions regarding their children’s education – what could be more important than that? ” -Abi

Jamie has worked in many of the key positions that facilitate the Future Schools process. Jamie started his career in education as an English teacher to Year 5 through to Year 9, and whilst continuing to teach English throughout, he has been a Head of Year to both Year 5 and Year 6, as well as Assistant Head Future Schools. Jamie has worked extensively with families to support them on their Future Schools journey, and enjoys the collaborative aspect of working with both parents and their children.

“The Future Schools process may seem like a confusing maze to navigate; however, we are here to support you on the journey. I take a huge amount of pride in working individually with each family, in order to ensure that we find the perfect school for your child. Each child is different and each child’s needs vary. It is vitally important to approach these decisions with common sense, experience and pragmatism, and we are here to support you on this!”


Our Services

  • One on one consultations
  • Portfolio curation – how many schools to apply to and how to create depth within a portfolio of schools based on academic results and assessment scores
  • Advice tailored to the needs and wants of your child and family
  • Extensive knowledge of a vast network of Senior Schools
  • Advice on interview preparation
  • Advice on specific school’s assessment practices and procedures
  • Long and short list options of schools to apply to
  • Review of recent academic score, including CAT’s
  • Advice on how and when to apply for scholarships
  • Advice on how to approach the process if your child has specific educational needs
  • Advice on what specific senior schools offer – music/sport/academic standing/location
  • How to approach applying for both 11+ and or 13+ options
  • Advice on choosing between Day and Boarding options or a combination of the two
  • Support on how to approach waitlists
London 2023
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Attending Events


Nov 2024

The Independent Schools Show 2024
Future Schools Society

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Nov 2024

The flagship, the original, where it all began 17 years ago. Friday 8 November and Saturday 9 November 2024 at the London Evolution in Battersea Park, London.


Nov 2024

09:30 AM - 02:30 PM
Taking place at The Intercontinental Hotel, Geneva the show provides families with unparalleled access to leading boarding schools. This November we return to this spectacular venue with 20 leading Boarding Schools.


Nov 2024

09:30 AM - 02:30 PM
Taking place at the Fairmont Monte Carlo, the show provides families with unparalleled access to leading boarding schools. This Thursday we return to this spectacular venue with 20 leading Boarding Schools.