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Spotlight Education’s mission is to help parents access high-quality information about their
children, who seek support - in plain language - from people who understand education.

Spotlight starts with an online assessment, taken by your child in the comfort of your home.
We look at academic skills, focusing on literacy, numeracy, and problem-solving. These
abilities support independent classroom learning and are key indicators of progress and

There’s no preparation and no revision required. We look at skills that children use in their
everyday school lives. Most importantly, the Spotlight assessment is not pass or fail, but
a wholly evaluative measure of what your child finds easy and what is more challenging.

Following the assessment there is a 30 minute video call with one of our experts to discuss
the results. The focus of this chat can be about any aspect of education - the agenda is entirely yours. You might be considering tutoring, entrance examinations or thinking about applying to a selective school. Or you simply wish to improve your own understanding of your child’s abilities.

We will provide a summary report of the discussion after the call. This document provides
useful next steps and guidance regarding your individual circumstances.

Parents come to Spotlight Education to gain a deeper understanding of their child’s potential. Our simple three-step process empowers you with an essential overview of your child’s academic progress:

  1. An online assessment taken at home

Covering key areas including English maths and problem-solving, it takes about 90 mins to complete.

  1. Speak with an expert

Arrange a video call with our team to talk through the clear and accessible report. Our experts will guide you through the results and answer any questions you might have. The agenda is entirely yours.

  1. Next Steps

We will send you practical recommendations on how best to support your child’s academic journey. The next steps summary is sent to you shortly after your meeting and covers the key takeaways from our discussion. It may include areas to work on with a tutor, advice on how to approach discussions with their current school, tutor recommendations, or where to find further support from reputable educational organisations.

We work with students aged 6 to 16 - across the full range of academic abilities. Our team includes experts from across the education sector. Spotlight provides you with your chance to speak freely with former headteachers, secondary, primary and early-years specialists, school inspectors and former independent sector leaders about any aspect of your child’s learning.

A comprehensive assessment, reports, discussion with an expert, and practical next steps and professional support for just £195. Register with Spotlight today.




London 2023
Year Established:
Alastair Montgomery (MD)

Attending Events


Nov 2024

The Independent Schools Show 2024

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Nov 2024

The flagship, the original, where it all began 17 years ago. Friday 8 November and Saturday 9 November 2024 at the London Evolution in Battersea Park, London.


Nov 2024

09:30 AM - 02:30 PM
Taking place at The Intercontinental Hotel, Geneva the show provides families with unparalleled access to leading boarding schools. This November we return to this spectacular venue with 20 leading Boarding Schools.


Nov 2024

09:30 AM - 02:30 PM
Taking place at the Fairmont Monte Carlo, the show provides families with unparalleled access to leading boarding schools. This Thursday we return to this spectacular venue with 20 leading Boarding Schools.