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An extraordinary school


The first time you visit Herlufsholm you will discover a special atmosphere. The historical spirit, the old buildings and the beautiful green slopes create a unique framework for education. 


Founded in 1565 by Admiral Herluf Trolle and his wife Birgitte Gøye on the secluded grounds of a medieval monastery, the school offered a place of peace where students could turn to their studies uninterrupted.


Striving for the future


Today – more than 450 years later – the presence of history is the framework of modern schooling at Herlufsholm, now the oldest and biggest boarding school in Denmark with 600 students, 200 of which are boarders from all over the world. The educational ideals of the founders and the rich history of the school can be felt in the remnants of ancient buildings and in the centuries-old traditions that are still honored and held in high regard by former graduates. The school has come a long way in adapting those ideals to a modern, fast-pace society that sets increasingly high demands for its students – a continuous journey towards improvement.


Herlufsholm is an academically strong school, with both middle school and high school students scoring well on a national scale. The results are made through a holistic approach to personal as well as academic growth and by employing teachers who understand that good education goes beyond the four walls of the classroom.


Through a diverse extracurricular program containing both physical, creative and intellectual activities, boarders and day students alike are encouraged to develop all kinds of interests and skills and spend time together outside of school. Many activities are organized by teachers, which presents opportunities for closer bonding over mutual interests. 


A global outlook


Herlufsholm is one of few schools in Denmark which offers the two-year International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma as well as a Pre-IB class taught in English. IB classes typically consists of a mix of Danish and foreign students and are well integrated with the Danish high school, creating ample opportunity for students to meet and explore cultural differences daily.


This daily exchange is just one aspect of the global outlook of Herlufsholm. In 2009 Herlufsholm became a member of the international school cooperation Round Square as the first Scandinavian school. The membership enables Herlufsholm to present students with plenty of opportunities for exchange visits, conferences and engagement in charity projects around the world that embodies the Round Square IDEALSof Internationalism, Democracy, Environ-mentalism, Adventure, Leadership, and Service. These values relate well to Herlufsholm’s values of Commitment and Responsibility as well as the school’s vision of challenging students to challenge themselves, improving academic and personal development in the process. Ultimately, the objective is to prepare students for a future that belongs to the internationals.


In 2019, Herlufsholm will introduce a brand-new possibility for students who want to explore the world while preparing for further education anywhere in the world – 10thGrade Global. This one-year option will be tailored for foreigners or Danish children living abroad who would like to acquaint themselves with the Danish school system and its tradition of critical thinking, creativity, independence and responsibility for learning. Abilities that will aid anyone in their future studies at high school and university level anywhere in the world. 


Living with your friends


The shared experience of life as a border creates lifelong friendships. Sharing a room and a dorm, wearing the same uniform and spending so much time with each other both in and outside school creates a tightly knit community as well as many fond memories. Each year, many former students return to visit the school and relive the atmosphere of traditional events or to catch up with old classmates at annual reunions. The Herlufsholm Alumni association also offers many interesting networking events that reaches past both borders and generations and are always very well visited. 


Meet us all over the world


If you want to learn more about Herlufsholm, your options are many. There are open house events held all through the year, and it is possible to contact the school to arrange a personal visit at your convenience. If you find the trip to Denmark a bit too much, there is also the possibility of meeting representatives at informal networking events all over the globe. Do not hesitate to make your interest known - your city could very well be our next destination.

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Actor Pilou Asbæk (2001), His Highness Prince Nikolai William Alexander Frederik of Denmark (2018), Prime minister of Denmark C.A. Bluhme (1811), writer, model and TV-personality Caroline Fleming (1994), CEO and fashion creator Christian Stadil (1990


Herlufsholm Skole

Flemming Zachariasen

Herlufsholm Allé 170, Næstved, 4700

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